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Recommend pro tuners?


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Anyone in Seattle area? That knows of a pro tuner that knows Subaru's well that can do a dyno tune


I got a 08 legacy gt with Cobb v3 and catted Cobb down pipe Perrin turbo inlet intake and a Tomei ARMS MX7960f turbo multi rate wastegate spring combo is set at 15.67psi instead of the 14.22 psi it was under boosting with the 14.22 spring setup had it checked out on a road tune currently on stage 2 normal wastegate tune running good but it was recommended to get a pro tune seems how the shelf tunes were not intended for my current part combination want to make sure it's all dialed in till I do the engine build


Note I will be getting new Cobb 1050x injectors before tune


Pro tuners from other areas are fine to I'll drive a few hours to a really good tuner

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