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Legacy RE Estate starting issue.

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I've experienced an issue with my Legacy (2007 2.0 RE Estate), and wonder if anyone can throw any light on it please?


Last week, I left the Legacy at home and took the bike. On my return, the Minister for Home Affairs told me that there was a problem with the car. She had apparently tried to open the car and "it didn't work, and now I can't lock it".


She pointed the fob at the car and pressed; it didn't open so she pressed again, and again and, well you get the picture. She then got the other key and repeated the process, until it eventually opened. Then she couldn't close it, and repeated the process of keep pressing the button, but it didn't respond. I changed the batteries in the fobs, which worked to lock it & thought little more about it.


Two days later I go to use it. It opens, turns over but will not fire. Train to work, dealer suggests that the immobiliser is on, use the key pad to release it. Nothing. Therefore make arrangements to have it lifted 20 miles to the dealer. Leave it on charge overnight & try it in the morning; spins fine, but won't fire. Recovery turns up on the Saturday, tries it; turns over fine, won't fire (you're ahead of me now, aren't you ;) ) . Drop it at the dealers, dealer tries it; turns over, won't fire.


Monday evening ring the dealer; what's the damage? "Er, we're not sure Sir, it's started on the button every time. We'll try some more tests tomorrow."


You know the rest; no fault codes showing up, starts every time, nothing found. I'm now in the position of waiting for it to happen again :mad: and not quite trusting it, which after nearly 10 years of trouble free motoring is a shame.


Anyone had a similar issue? And could the War Office have caused an issue by the repeated use of the fob in short order?


Thanks in advance for any ideas. The car has run without missing a beat on routine servicing for 12 years and I'm loathe to out it, but if I can't trust it then it may have to go.

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