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BNG 16g vacuum hose question

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I have a BNR 16G that is a few years old, I was working on my lgt 05 and i noticed the vacuum hoses are way old and brittle, so time to replace.

I have a question on that Vacuum lines on the turbo, it does not have that stock line with the restrictor pill in it, is that needed? can i just replace with regular vacuum hose? or do i need to get that pill from subaru?


any help is much appreciated

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I looked around the Junk pile and I found the oem pill, but the size dont match up and i have no clue cause i keep reading that the pill us needed but do i buy some size converters to make it fit? or maybe since the turbo is not stock i dont need the pill?



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thats what i'm missing then..


i bought new hose and ran it to the stock BCS, i cut the pill out of the stock hose and inserted it into the new hose that i bought, all seems to have worked out but now that i know i am going to order a aftermarket BCS and run the hoses without the Pill. thanks for responding!!!!

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no tune, i had planned to get it tuned and all that but the mechanic that first worked on it ruined a bunch of stuff and i had to re-buy and learn to do it my self. the car runs now but i get that boost creep light during hard acceleration now.


i will get the EBC and then see if i can it tuned, even if its an etune, should be better than stock tune for sure.


for now i have been driving it as is as i have no other option.

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