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Hi Dennis1,

Nothing is impossible, but realistically, if your looking to reflash the stock ecu, you are going to be out of luck. Keep in mind almost ALL modern tuning software requires an OBD2 port on the car and those did not become standard install until the mid 90's (1995 in USA).Here are the common tuning packages available:

Cobb - See their website for confirmed supported applications, but in general its the same as ECUflash out the box, at least turbo model cars

ECUFlash - 2002+ WRX, 2004+Turbo model subarus, 2007+ Canbus (NA or turbo) is supported out of the box with just a basic install. KEEP IN MIND ecuflash is very modular, so if someone out there can write the flash instructions and write the rom definitions, anything can be supported.

ECUtek - 2004 and above turbo model subarus


There are lots of software choices above and beyond what is listed above, those are just the most common. The pattern seems to indicate though your likely going to need a turbo model ecu from the 2000's to begin.

Also keep in mind, there is NO model restriction or year range where you couldn't fit an aftermarket ecu to your car like an AEM standalone or Haltech for examples. You would need to wire in your own harness but once you got it wired in correctly and get the initial engine config loaded, theirs no reason the route wouldn't work for you. Just be prepared to spend $$ to get this done.

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