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more hp 1993

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hello, i got a legacy 1993 sedan and i want to make it faster. what can i do with the engine to make it faster. it is stock 2.2l ej22. plz dont say turbo because that im getting later. thanks for answers. :) :):lol:
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With that year car, there is little you can do to make it faster. I do not recommend putting an intake on it becuase the ECU cannot be reflashed to calibrate for the MAF sensor scaling difference so it will likely lean out and potentially damage the engine if pushed hard enough while lean. And yes, a turbo kit would significantly wake it up, but to what end on cost? If you are emotionally attached to this car, such as you love that body style and do not like the new ones, or it has sentimental value, then I can see it being worth it to fix up.

My honest advise? Drive it like a normal car. The amount of money it will cost to do anything to that car is MASSIVLY out weigh the cost of just buying a turbo model car. The cost to make the car tuneable via a usable ecu alone can almost pay for a turbo model subaru. Sorry to bring you down, but if you dont believe me, look at what it would cost to:

-Have a turbo header fabricated for the single exhaust port EJ22

-Have a custom downpipe made for the turbo to the exhaust

-The turbo itself

-intercooler pipes and intercooler (you cant use your intake manifold with a stock style intercooler and an ej25 manifold will not fit)

-fuel injectors

-fuel pump

-fuel pressure regulator

-MAP sensor

-Electornics to be able to make it all work such as ECu and custom wiring harness


Even after all of this, your still dealing with a stock bottom end of the engine that is NOT designed for power (open deck block design is very weak, single cam heads really hold you back on any power, weak pistons, weak crank, weak rods).


My advise, if you really do love this particular car, just swap it! An EJ25 from a WRX / LGT can be fitted into the car and you will start right off the bat with a turbo motor that is ready for some power. Just make sure to grab the ECU and wiring harness from the donor car as well so you will be ready to go when it comes time to make it run.

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open deck block design is very weak, single cam heads really hold you back on any power, weak pistons, weak crank, weak rods



This isn't quite accurate as all the EJ20G/EJ22/EJ22T/EJ25D from '90-'99 had the same forged internals - minus pistons. Pistons in the Turbos - EJ22T and EJ20G/K/R - were molybdenum coated/treated (although there are rumors of forged pistons, I don't quite believe), but were still cast.


The EJ20Gs were a combo of open and closed-deck.


The EJ255/EJ257 are semi-closed deck blocks, but the issue isn't the blocks (unless you're going for 400+HP), it's usually the bearings or piston ringlands (and head gaskets) on a stock setup.


The EJ22e Phase 1 '89-'98 is plenty strong enough to handle modest boost (<10 PSI) w/proper tuning / engine management (EM). I've personally built two NA-T versions running WG boost of ~5 PSI w/out issue and no EM.


Yes, the stock SOHC turbo heads are a limiting factor, but I still made 280+ lb-ft. w/a Rob-Tuned ECU on my '93 SS.


Depends on your goals.


And a '90-'95 2.2 is a dual-port exhaust so the turbo header/exhaust manifold bolts up....if you have a turbo cross member or notch the stock X-member.

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Hi , I have a 1990 L wagon really interested in the same thing. I’d be fine with a 5psi boost, just a little nudge for the buddy. Is there a step by step for this? A kit? Or a parts list?


You want to start your search for NA-T (non aspirated - turbo), which is one phrase used online, Google this: subaru na-t

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