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4EAT to 5speed swap


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Here i will list the parts you need for a manual 5speed swap on your 2005-2009 legacy auto


Note: THIS IS ONLY FOR A 5 SPEED SWAP (6 speed is a different swap)


First off: it might be cheeper to just sell your auto and buy a manual. But if you really want to og the hard way then im here to help.


Parts needed:

Manual tranny for male front axles (great if you can get one out of a legacy 4th gen)

Driveshaft (you will need a manual 4th gen driveshaft since the auto shaft is shorter)

Rear diff from a manual (make shure its the right ratio for your tranny)

Rear axles for the bigger diff (only needed if you get the bigger diff with your tranny) (picture of a axle for the bigger diff below)

Flywheel (make shure its for the right clutch)

Clutch (make shure its for the right flywheel)

Clutch master cylinder

Clutch slave cylinder (make shure its for the right tranny)

Clutch pedal box (best to get out of a 4th gen, not all bolts line up on older pedal boxes)

Manual shifter trim piece

Shifter bushing

Shifter bracket

Shifter linkage


(I might be forgeting something so i will update this thread)

For any additional info feel free to PM me

Pictures below


Rear axle for the bigger diff



Manual trim piece



Shifter bracket



Shifter linkage


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Hey Subaru Trissi or Rick2019, Looking for info on the 4EAT to 5MT swap. Let me first start with I am trying to do this on my sons 05 LGT with a 5eat (1st Car) and feel I'm mechanically inclined for an older guy.


I have a guy who is parting out his 05 LGT that is a factory 5MT car. Here is the list of parts we started with.





Clutch pp fw


Console boot

Cross member/mount etc.


While I have read some posts and watched a few videos from different year cars I can’t get a good sense of the required wiring (splicing).


Additionally, I have discussed with the seller the possibility needing his ECU and wiring loom or harness? The wire splicing part is my biggest concern and potentially be what prevents me from moving forward with the project.


Did either of you have any issues with CEL's or things not working like cruise?


How much splicing was in evolved with you swaps?


Assuming brake petal lockout to clutch switch or bypass. neutral safety switch and maybe something with the speed sensor?


He has a buyer taking the frame and suspension this weekend so if I want to buy parts for the trans swap I need to make my decision soon.


And on an ignorant note of mine, the seller had mentioned the trans is a "5 speed push type which is 10x better than the pull type from 02-05 Wrx that break all the time". Which honestly, I'm not sure what he is referencing?


Thank you for any insight you can provide and sharing your knowledge gained from doing the swap!

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I’m using the Impreza set up on my ez30d.Mine is also a gen 3 model. I did have cel codes I flashed them out . I only came across this post by accident. Any questions just ask and I will help you [emoji6] the 5spd and the ez30d go well together as well. I’ve done a few thousand miles on mine now



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You don’t have to change the shafts . Just make sure the shafts would mate up to the same design box year etc,


The box I removed was a 4eat transmission but the shafts mated straight up to the Impreza gearbox from a 1997 . The rear diff has to match the gearbox it’s coming from



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