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Vader's 2.5i Shaggin Wagon DD Build


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Been lurking for a few weeks now.. decided I am addicted enough to my (new to me) Legacy 2.5i Wagon for a build thread. To be honest I wasn't into Legacy's until recently.. to go into further detail I just became a Subaru enthusiast the last couple years with a purchase of my 13 BRZ. My cousin has a 2.5i 07 Wagon and after driving it for a week straight I really enjoyed it! I race RC Touring cars weekly so all my gear fits in the back with room to spare. I also wanted a parts runner as I am constantly buying and selling all kinds of stuff.


After searching and searching local ads everything seemed to be in the 170-250K range and nothing that stuck out clean. I didn't want a sedan nor a GT just a nice NA 2.5. I came across this Regal blue 07 Wagon & it was actually walking distance from my house. 125,000 km's with a clean title, body is actually really decent, under coated, nice interior etc. After a few hours of looking at it, I was good and made the purchase at this used car dealership. The only gripes are a front wheel bearing humming, front bumper scuffs & some small oil leaks, nothing I wouldn't be happy to do on a clean car.


This will be a slower build as it's my DD 3rd priority car lol.. but I am anxious to do a few things that I really desire. Brembos, Bilsteins, BBS or enkei wheels, Alum Arms, Tint, little interior trim pieces, and eventually bumpers, hood and so forth. I reeally like the wagon shape.. the parts to be thrown on will be all tasteful 🙂


Well lets start with the first day pics :spin:










To be continued :rolleyes:

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In the midst of cruising Kijiji for some sought after 04 STI 5x100 BBS wheels (Always wanted a set for the Brz) I come across a 05 GT Sedan "rolling" parts car. I message him and tell him I will take it for the $900 he is asking. The car has the Brembo brakes, and BBS wheels in pic which is worth it for me alone. Sure enough when I call back to say I'm on the way with a trailer he tells me the motor and trans is still in it running.. I didn't have another day to get the car so I asked to sell it with the motor for extra $ or never mind.


Long story short we agree on $1700 for the complete car and I go pick it up. When I arrived one of the BBS wheels had a 3" chunk missing -__- I swear I cannot win finding these wheels in decent shape, bad buzz. I have looked at over 4 bad sets already. The car is a little rough underneath and one of the rear 1/4s is rusted out. After humming and hawing about it for 20 mins I decided I would still take the car and try and make as much money back as possible while taking what I want off it. All of a sudden I went from no Legacy's to two within a week :lol: ..









I will have to find another set of BBS wheels incomplete and make one good set for this car. In the meantime The small pile of upgrades heading to the storage unit for the wagon :cool: Still need to clean / paint the shocks, they need some lovin



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My universe and perseverance finally paid off. I came across a set of brand new, BBS gold V7's in box :eek: I messaged more people then I want to admit in my search over the last year and a bit lol.. I still couldn't believe it until I had them in my hands :)


I have to admit I will be saving these for the Brz with some nice R comps and using them almost never :rolleyes:





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While parting the GT out, the wagon got a bit of love. Got some fresh Tint and threw on my Oe Brz wheels / tires. Funny thing is the stock Brz wheels imo look terrible on a FT86. I like them on the Legacy's :lol: The tire's are a little short for the spec at the moment so the wheel gap as been going north. Just a temp rolling set up. The 16's that came on the car had baffed tires. The ride home was nice.


It went from being a 2007 to a 2011 today in my eyes lol.. Yes I'm missing a tip on the driver's side :( Going to do something nice soon.






My cousin was also doing a wheel swap on his 09 Wagon :cool:





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The Wagon did exactly what I intended for today :) I had to meet with 3 different people across the city and it was really nice to drive for those 130 kms. Other then the factory seats I have, I feel they are stiff. My cousins 09 Touring with the plush seats are soo nice :lol:



So I lined up a purchase of two new in box STI Dry Carbon spoilers. The BRZ TS and the STI RA. I plan on putting the RA version on my BRZ as I like the end plates way mote. I will sell or hold onto the TS one for now.




I sourced a pair of Jdm V7 Sti seats from a local for a fair price :cool: Rears came with but the fronts are key. I will be giving them one more good cleaning before figuring out the brackets.




My last stop of the day was to look at a pair of used BBS Rk's that someone had posted on FB. It was another 40 mins out of the way but if they were decent I was going to grab them. They were very fair and sure enough had some worn in winters. Paid the man and loved the look of his GT wagon, he bought it hurt for $2000 and it looked fresh and well running just now. I will be needing those In a month or so :rolleyes: but good buzz for sure. Needs some good cleaning and in the storage unit for now.




On one of the back roads on the way home. I never take quality pics of my cars I will be honest and admit. I drive them and build them lol.. this felt like a subie type feel so I pulled over.






To be continued..

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Sold the motor out of the GT the other day :cool: Put in some labour yesterday to get that finished off. That car ended up doing pretty good for me. I am still selling small stuff off of it too.




Here is the V7 Seats. Not bad shape at all, they just needs a good steam cleaning ;)




The RK Wheels are not perfect but after I scrub them down should look very decent. I will rock these this winter



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