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Floor mats for 5th gen Legacy GT


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Looking for a set of floormats for the 11-12 Legacy GT (the ones with the silver/grey border that are embroidered with Legacy GT) - I've worn a hole in mine and would like to replace them. (I only really need the drivers one, but I'll buy a whole set if you have them) - hoping maybe someone put the all weather mats in their car and have these sitting around!
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Still looking if anyone has anything!



Also - if anyone knows if 6th gen floormats fit, that would be useful, too! (If I can't have mats that say Legacy GT, then just "Legacy" works!




(I know there are some other cars that will fit, but that's not what I am after)

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At this point, I think I am going to try some other Subaru model mats...



If anyone has a set of Legacy GT floor mats (the ones that have Legacy GT embroidered on them - they are black with silver edging around the mats) they are willing to part with, please let me know (my drivers side one has a hole worn in it from my heel)

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