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Blouch 1.5 XTR fitment issue

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Installing a used Blouch Dom 1.5 XTR (the silver looking one, 2.4 in inlet, 8cm2) in an '05 Legacy GT over the weekend and running into some fitment issues. Wondering if I have an old version, just unlucky or if everyone runs into this?


1) Wastegate touches the factory oil line. I bent the line slightly, was nervous doing that since I just removed the intake manifold and crossover water pipe to replace it.


2) Compressor outlet is basically against the PCV drain tube


3) Compressor inlet is behind the TGV housing (I've removed the TGVs). I had to remove the intake manifold and power steering and squish the snorkel to get it on. Even now it seems to slowly slide itself off even when tight.


4) One uppipe bolt is under the water line, so I had to remove the water line to put it on. I dropped half a dozen copper washers into the engine bay.


5) Wastegate line is pointed down towards the uppipe, not a huge deal, but crappy to put the line on.

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Every car is a little different. But in general aftermarket turbos do not fit as well as stock without some modification(s). Sounds like the pipe needs a slight adjustment as well. The Dom 1.5xtr was designed for a FMIC so the engineers expected there to be some modding going on besides the turbo itself.
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There will always be some fitment issues with installing an after market turbo unless you learn the tricks to doing it. One thing that really helped me get my FP Red turbo, which has even more clearance issues than the 1.5xtr, was to loosen the up pipe bolts that hold the up pipe to the exhaust manifold, which allowed the up pipe to swing back just a hair so I could get the turbo in place. Then I tightened the hell out of the up pipe bolts and the intake tube which even FP admits it will need to be pressing up against the TGV housings and look like its about the fold in, but it wont.

TLDR; its been done on larger turbos, so it definitely will fit, just try different things to get the room you need.

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