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TY758 (5MT) Whirr


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'09 Legacy 2.5i Special Edition EJ253 / TY758. For the last week or two I've been getting a noticeable whine that:


-does *not* vary w/ engine RPM


-does *not* vary with the clutch engaged / disengaged


-does vary with wheel speed


A couple nights ago I put four jackstands under it, got it up to 3rd gear, jammed the accelerator w/ a two-by-four and crawled under it with a stethoscope:


-When sitting in the front I can hear the whirring


-Left-hand wheels I could *not* get to stay turning


-Right-hand wheels I could get to spin; aside from some spinning noise (*whoosh*) I didn't hear anything from the bearings


-At the front of the transmission / front diff / center diff assembly it was mostly spinning noise (*whoosh*) and a hint of a whirr


-At the rear of the transmission / front diff / center diff assembly and aft mount I could clearly hear whirring


I drained the old Redline 75W90NS fluid 9000 miles early (only 21000 miles on the fluid; was dark grey in the waste container) and filled it w/ fresh Mobil 1 75W90LS fluid.* That did a little to quiet the whirr, but I can still hear it.


What are your thoughts?* Center diff bearing?* Output shaft bearing?


If I'm missing a thread where this has already been covered, kindly reply with a link. Thanks in advance.


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