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Valve body upgrade or not

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Hey guys. Got another question.


So I’m making 282/316. How necessary is the valve body upgrade? My original plan was hexmod vb then when/if my transmission gave out over the years just get an ipt built transmission. Now with hexmod vb service gone. I was looking at an ipt vb.


But basically would that even do me any good? The transmission already has 150k on it and as far as I know it’s original. I don’t drive the car super hard. Full throttle pulls a few times a week. And I don’t drive it a lot probably won’t even hit 5k miles this year.


And I feel like if I do get the vb and my transmission craps out then that’s just another 670 I’ll have to save up for the ipt tranny.


Curious on all of your inputs. Thanks.

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