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3.6R outback intermittent oil light

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was driving my girlfriends 3.6R OB the other day and the oil light came on about 10 minutes in then went out in 5 minutes or so, before i could even reach the next exit. i checked the level when we got back and it was firmly in the desired zone. i just changed the oil myself 2.xK ago with the same castrol edge 5w40 oil i always use in my car so the issue shouldn't be there. the only time that light's came on in my car was when i didn't pre fill the oil filter so i fear she has some crud build up in the oil passages that may have cause a pocket of air near the sensor for the oil light, but i have no idea where that would be. anyone have any reasons this could happen? I'm starting to think we should dump this thing and try to get a FXT with the profits before anything bad happens. her grandma really put this thing through the ringer. of course my GF told me that has been happening every so often without ever mentioning it.
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Check the electrical connection that is just above the oil filter.


will do thanks


You’re talking about the low oil pressure light, right?

I'm honestly not sure. i figured it was a low level light because i thought a bigger deal would have been made of low oil pressure.


Is it the low oil pressure light or low oil level light? The low oil pressure is the oil can and drop of oil. The low oil level light has the oil can and liquid ripple below it.


I can't exactly remember,I'll have to have my GF take a picture of it the next time it pops up. but I want to say it was oil can w/ a ripple.

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ok it was definitely yellow. the problem still has yet to repeat itself




That would be the oil level light. If the level on the stick was actually correct, there’s something wrong with the sensor. The 2013 service manual seems to indicate that the sensor itself is on the side of the block right above the oil pan. It doesn’t *sound* too hard to replace, but I’ve never done it. You could either just ignore the light and check the oil level regularly (which you probably should do either way!), it you could replace the switch if the light bothers you enough.





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