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1998 Outback ECM help


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Hello this is my first visit/post. I searched the forums so much info. I was hoping to get some advice. I have a 98 outback legacy an inherited car had it 2 years. in the last month it started randomly stalling in gear out of gear do sent matter. always starts immediately right back up. The speedometer stopped working I took it to a shop and they replaced the speed sensor 500 dollars. Its the only code the ecu is showing. its still stalling and the same code keeps going off and on. they took out the ecu and took videos while they drove it all over and the tester was plugged in. they said both oxygen sensors were dropping out to nothing while they were driving it. what would make this happen. and of course its not stalling on them. They said they cant fix it if they cant break it so there best guess is to replace the ecu at a cost of 1000. but no guarantee. right now don't have that kind of money found a used ecu for 75 guaranteed at a local yard for 90 days would like to try that. Any thoughts on using a used one. It is an exact match to mine. I talked to another Authorized Subaru shop about it and his first response was to ask me how much money do I have and suggested it would cost 3-400 just to diagnose it. the car has 165000 miles. within last year had water pump timing belt replaced put over 4 grand into it. hate to give up on it now.
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