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Hello I am going to get a 16 x 7.5 rim for my 1996 Legacy Brighton and I was wondering what tire size I should get to avoid rubbing and still keep a comfortable ride. I am currently on a 2002 wrx strut with my 14” rims
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I'm running 205-55-R16's on GT wheels on my Legacy L with no issues. When the tires need replacing, I'm thinking of looking for a smaller diameter 16" tire that more closely matched the diameter of the 14"'s that used to be on it, as it's about a 6% difference in odometer reading now
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I went to a 16" WRX rim with 205/55 tires and they're just perfect for me. My L isn't underpowered at all with them and I get incredible MPG.


7.5" wide wheel I hope you have proper offset. The wrx wheels are 6.5" wide and they're 55 offset and wouldn't accommodate much more width without dropping the offset to something like 45 or less. I think 205 would be about as thing a tire as you could run on a 7.5" wide wheel anyhow so you may be limited in tire selection.

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