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Full On Manual Conversion Complete 2007 Legacy Outback, Legoutback, Outacy

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Hello all,


I had started a thread with questions about taking an automatic 2007 Legacy that had a rod knock, Remove everything and put in the drivetrain from a totaled 5 speed 2006 Outback.


Here is the old thread- https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/full-manual-conversion-questions-2007-legacy-278878.html?t=278878


After a lot of work on my spare time I got it running and driving with minimum issues. I ended up taking the engine, transmission, full engine wiring harness, all modules, the auto hvac equipment, the dash, the gauges, all the pedals, and the driveline from the Outback and put it all in the Legacy.


As far as fitment goes, the engine, the transmission, the wiring harness through the firewall, under the dash and in the engine bay, the hvac components, and the dash all literally bolt in the exact same and have no difference whatsoever. the transmission is different and took a moment to realize what was going on. the manual transmission has 2 cross members. 2 bolts on the front cross member and 4 bolts on the back cross member as where the auto only has 1 cross member using 6 bolts. When putting the manual trans into the legacy that originally had the auto you need to find and remove the 2 body plugs that have the threaded holes for the front cross member and the rear cross member uses only 4 of the 6 holes in the back.


The drive lines are a different length so keep the manual one with the manual.


I rebuilt the motor before putting it back it. Replaced all seals. I was happy when the car fired up and ran after getting fuel pressure. I was asked to take lots of pictures for this post but I ended up taking video instead. I haven't really worked out how to compile all of that into one or how to upload them onto here. if you have any suggestions please let me know. Also if you have any questions that I may be able to help with ill be sure to give it my best shot. Till my next pointless adventure. Have a good one.

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