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05 Light Bulb Recommendations

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covertrussian's thread has some info you may like to read.




Look about 2 month's back. well may back to Jan.

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My GT has an HID kit on it from the PO that has terrible light output. I want to ether go back to halogens or possibly LEDs. Does anyone have recommendations that work well with the stock projectors?


well being on my 3rd Legacy in the 05-08 model, I have had no problems with HID kits from diode dynamics, great out put and only 4500K-5000k.


in my 06 outback I went with V-LEDs LED kit and they looked soooo good. hated I sold them with that car. :mad:

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LEDs are typically a better bet for stock projectors because they aren’t designed for the excess heat produced by HIDs, but I’d look into DiodeDynamics YouTube video about choosing LED bulbs and why some are far superior than others. More LEDs doesn’t equal better performance, smaller and higher power LEDs that are very close together spacing wise are much better choices and most closely resembles the light source location of a halogen bulb filament.


That being said, HIDs will be much brighter and project much farther despite this.

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