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The tale of two OBP OBXTs | low vs lifted


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Subaru calls it something like 'cylinder roughness' and provides a count for it per cylinder. This is directly related to misfires. You can log this with your AP, where you will find one of these variables per cylinder. Usually, this variable stays at 0 when all is well, with occasionally a count of 1 at random (this does not worry me). But if you see the count consistently rising and happening in a given cylinder, then you need to further investigate (e.g. count increasing in a given cylinder while idling). IIRC, a count greater than 30 in a given cylinder and on several occasions will trigger a misfire CEL code for the cylinder at fault.



How do your long term fuel trims look like?


I understand what you are saying but I haven't logged any of that info, I'm going to have to email my tuner and run that info by him as well as run whatever logs he needs.


Also, my trans has been grinding a little going into 4th, only has about 13k miles on the rebuilt trans, has good fluid level. I'll see what the shop thinks about it.

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