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Car wouldn't start this morning- Any ideas?

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I was all prepared to take a trip until this morning my 97 outback just wouldn't start, the engine was turning over but just wouldn't fire up.


One little piece of information that might be useful is that a few times after i stopped trying to start it it sounded like it almost fired up.


I had this problem a few weeks ago but then it started on the 3rd or 4th attempt. But this time no luck

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Any trouble codes? If the car never started you'd never see if the check engine light is illuminated, but there may now be a stored code indicating why it failed to start. I've had intermittent failed starts when I had a failing crank position sensor, but that's definitely not the only possible cause. However, if that's your issue and the 97 has the sensor in the same location as every Subaru I've owned, it'd be a half hour job with just the hood popped to replace.


Other possible causes that come to mind:


Cam position sensors, failed or failing fuel pump, failed or failing fuel pressure regulator

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It's not easy to diagnose from the internet but I'd suspect fuel. Listen for the high pitched sound of the fuel pump priming when you turn the ignition on. Pull the inlet line off the fuel filter and have it drain into a bucket or something, see if anything comes out and what color it may be.
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Thanks, yes it does sound like fuel.


I took off the fuel pump latch and gave the fuel pump unit a few heavy taps with a wrench- and the car started, it could have just been co incidence because the car had been standing for around 40 minutes after the previous attempts to start it.

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