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ok Guys, 2010 2.5GT Gasoline non CVT...but Automatic Transmission. So...I've changed the Crank pulley and boy oh boy...it made a difference with the response and how fast the RPM moves. I've also clean the injectors and that made a difference.


Next, I'll like to remove my "J pipe" and replace same with a 3" J Pipe. Also i was able to get the 2006 /2007 WRX Caliper Brakes....same to be installed soon. I was able to service it and paint same. I'll upload some pics of it asap.




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Don't do the J-pipe without a tune...not a OTS cobb, a protune.


The 06/07 WRX calipers are a downgrade in both size and power. I would not do that. (or are these STi Brembos). Make sure you get SS lines if you plan on changing the brakes. It'll help the sponge


Keep the stock intake unless you are doing massive power because it will actually hurt performance.


I would upgrade the suspension to something better like a koni sport or coil overs.

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