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What have I done?

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Okay need some input here. Was chasing a misfire code in cylinder 4. Narrowed it down to faulty injector but tonconfirm switches injectors 2 and four Started car now two misfire codes both 2&4 cylinders so I shut it

Off. Reset codes went to try and start it and now

It won’t turn over...seems to be locked/seized. Hear the starter engage but it won’t turn over

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Wonder if you flooded it. If the injectors didn’t seat right when you swapped them, they might have flooded a cylinder. I’d consider pulling those two again and if you smell a lot of fuel let it air out for a while.
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Pull the plugs on those two cylinders. If they're full of gas, turn it over slowly by hand at first and pump the gas out. Remove the FP fuse and then turn it over with the starter to finish blowing it all out.
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