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Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

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Hi everyone. Ive had my 05 OBXT for about 6 months now, i love it. im starting to replace all the suspension stuff since its worn out. i got Spec B. front control arms and complete rear suspension. i got all my front and rear bushings, the only ones i cant find are for the rear trailing arm/knuckle. since im upgrading all the other bushings i would rather not put OEM bushings back in. i cant seem to find any and was hoping someone may know of something
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Assume you're talking about the large front bush on the trailing arm?


Whiteline uses poly bushes so can create some noise but will be much firmer than stock, Hardrace is a OEM style bush that uses harder rubber to increase firmness. There are other options out the but those two are a good starting point.




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If I swap over to the spec B trailing arms. What sway bar bracket do i need to keep the sway bars installed? I have the avo ones currently installed. Mechanics say that the spec b trailing arm has bung for a mount but need a bracket to install sway bars. Please help. Im going down there today and will have pictures. He says i can drive it without sway bars but idk.
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Yeah the aluminum trailing arms have a bracket that the sway bar links bolt to. It's not the avo reinforcement brackets. You can find it on an oem parts site. It's below the trailing arm and bolts to it with 3 bolts. I'll try to find it tomorrow
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Cusco also sells a set along with an extra brace for the RSB brackets. I have them, just need the aluminum trailing arms to install...


You wouldn't happen to have the part number for those? Searching the website, the catalog is in Japanese. I got my Spec B Training Arms from japandirectjapanese.com $350 w/new bushings.

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I ordered a set of the Cusco brackets last week. Yesterday vividracing contacted me and said 4-6 weeks because they are made-to-order. I’m fine with the wait. Now all I need is all of the oem rear suspension hardware and spec b wheel bearing bolts then I’m ready for the swap
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