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2nd Gen 5MT into a Crosstrek Swap Possible?


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Well, we bought a one owner 2014 Subaru Certified Crosstrek Premium 2.0L 5MT w/ 52K miles in 2017.

Every great once in a while it would 'pop out' of 4th.

Just as the extended warranty expired (102K) , it would start once in a while to not fully go in on the 5/4 or 4/3 downshift.

Thursday I had to rescue the wife late on her way home, as she got halfway from Lehigh Valley to Poconos and the car got 'stuck' in 3rd as she exited the highway.

It stalled out and she was able to pull over w/ clutch depressed, but stalled the motor out every time she tried to release the clutch. I was able to get it out of gear and moving again with great force. Car was 'stuck in 3rd. Eventually I was able to shift into 5th & 1/2. Now it has absolutely NO engagement in 3/4 but i can drive it in 1/2/5 and reverse works.


SO, I have no idea what my issue is....

Is it an external shifter bushing/linkage concern, (My dad had this issue on a Toyota pickup he had)

or the synchros/ shiftlevers internally? Is my trans needing minor repair or a full rebuild?


I DO have an old 99 Legacy 2.2L 5MT that ran just shy of 331K miles with NO issues until it wore thru the clutch release fork on the pivot! I am in the process of parting it out due to rear quarter & wheelwell rust-thru. COULD i swap the 5MT off of the 2.2EJ motor for my '14 Crosstrek? Not even sure if the gear ratios are the same or if I would have to swap the rear diff too....My car runs close to 3100/3200 RPM @ 65/70 MPH.


Other option would obviously be a used 5MT or 6MT from salvage.

Could a 6MT work? Not an STI 6MT but out of a a forester or WRX?

I've Tried researching on NASIOC but all threads seem to focus on the STI/WRX swaps...


Any an all help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike

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