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Solenoid Box Parts

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I am looking for this part for 1999 Subaru legacy gtb on the solenoid box. Also more information about 'BBOD' would be super helpful!


My car has an issue I believe is being cause by a vacuum line that doesnt run through the solenoid box as one of the plastic nipples are broken. My car sometimes has a very large Valley of Death only sometimes (seems to be when its warmed up or hot outside) and sometimes the second turbo kicks in at the right time but then it cuts power and feels as if i were to stomp on and off the gas pedal repeatedly. I noticed the funky vacuum line and could only assume thats the issue. I believe its vacuum line number 5 that goes to the wastegate for the second turbo, any info would be really helpful! Ive had a hard time trying to find a solution!!!



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Easiest solution... Biff it and go single turbo... That's the usual solution on this side of the world at least.

Where about are you located?


There’s some probably useful info in there. There are a few other guides but the pics seem dead these days which makes it a lot harder to grasp.



There is a good link halfway through for a BBOD restoration too, gunked up solenoids and split vac lines are a common cause of issues with this system.

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