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Suspension issue help?

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HI "Team"! I, my mechanics and now the local dealer in Colorado are all a little stumped on this so I am putting it out to the forum: I have a 2008 Leggy GT Limited stage 2 that has a "shuddering" coming from the front passenger suspension/wheel area when turning only (it can be a small turn, large turn, slow or at speed. It feels as though the wheel lugs are loose and the rim is slipping a little "out/in". I have replaced the lower control arm bushings (front and rear) the arm is fine and the ball joints too according to all the mechanics in on this, and just now replaced a steering rack:eek: well the issue is still present... The system has been bled properly and everyone is kind of scratching their heads now while I am left with an undrivable car and $$$$ spent on fixes that didn't fix it:confused:


Any Suggestions or anyone run into this before?

I would love to have some help on this one from the best resource team out there!!!!!:spin:


Thanks all!

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