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Electrical overload

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I have a 2006 2.5i outback, stick. I put a remote starter in it that draw all the power off the main ignition wire in the steering column. It was driving and higbeams on, but the wipers, and fog lights engaged all at the same time via the remote. The car immediately died. The engine stopped, headlights out, no power to anything on the dash, radio, etc. the dome still works as well as power locks. It Alamo’s certainly has to be a fuse is my thought....but not a silly one under dash, a main one for the ignition line is my suspicion. The wire itself isn’t melted where I tapped into it but could also be further up in the wiring if it was overloaded?!? Not sure but I think it’s a fuse in the engine compartment.



Any ideas? And thanks in advance !!

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