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Hello y'all,


I've had my 2016 Legacy for a little over three years and noticed that when I go above 40 mph, lots of tire noise would develop in the passenger-side. It is to the point where I can barely hear those sitting in the back.


I thought this issue was due to worn-out tires, so I went ahead and had them replaced a few days ago. Despite the replacements, the noise would not go away. While it is slightly more quiet than before, the level of noise is much louder than a few months ago. Anyone had the same issue in the past? Please share.


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the reply! It is some kind of hissing sound that gets louder the faster I drive. The car is perfectly fine when driven slower than 40 mph and no noise, other than the usual wind noise exists in the front. I'm wondering whether it has to do with alignment as well on top of the wheel bearings.
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Usually a wheel bearing has a loud roaring / grinding noise that gets louder as you go faster. Old worn tires can do this too but you addressed that already so that can be eliminated.


It could be suspension, the differential, etc as well.

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See your dealer. If you're under 60,000 miles the wheel bearings, axles, and differential are still covered under the original drive train warranty.

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