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01 L sedan motor

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I recently acquired, for very very cheap, a 2001 L sedan with a blown motor. I have a general knowledge of working on cars, and have done many little things in the past. So I figured this would be the perfect car to attempt to level up and do a motor swap, since the car is already “junk” in my driveway.


I was hoping to get something with more power in there, and was looking at an ej20 turbo, but I’m leary as to the ease of fitment in the engine bay. I also assumed I would need to change the ecu at the same time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and if I am jumping into a crocodile pit wearing a meat suit trying to get a turbo motor in there, please let me know.



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Where are you located? The ej20 turbo has dual variable valve control, it will require the ECU and immobilizer from the donor vehicle. This question has been answered many times, so try Google search legacy gt turbo swap etc. Most members will say it's not worth swapping to a turbo motor unless you run an aftermarket ecu. Its much cheaper to buy a legacy gt than to convert it to turbo. That is of course assuming you dont already have all the parts you need. If you did, then you wouldn't be asking. Anything is possible with time and money, decide if it's worth it to you.


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I am located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. And if it’s generally accepted as not cost-effective, I will just switch lanes and just try to find a N/A engine with more power. I’m still not sure if I will keep the car after it’s fixed or if I will sell it, so I want to try and keep it as low a cost as possible.


Thank you for the info!

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To be quite honest, I’m not sure. My first thought when I tried to turn it over when I first got it was a valve problem. It would crank, but it was very inconsistent and would never start. It almost sounded like the motor had chunks in it, if you can imagine what I mean. I did check the fuel pump, fuel filter, crank sensor, knock sensor, throttle body, and timing belt, but they all checked out.
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