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2019 Legacy Sport Weather Stripping

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Is anyones 19 or possibly 18 legacys weather stripping that separates the smaller corner window look like its uneven?


See attached pictures. I just got tint put on the other day and not sure if its from the installer or it just looks like this from the factory. I never noticed until the other day. Both passenger and drivers side look like this.



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Thanks for checking. Mine hasn’t caused any issues either. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy when it comes to minor imperfections a majority of people don’t pick up on. For instance, I just found a small surface scratch on my touchscreen and there’s a rattle coming from the top of the horn button / airbag. Once I hear / see something I can’t ignore it and it drives me nuts until it’s addressed.
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I've personally had couple "incidents" with weather stripping on my 19 Legacy. One of the trims around the door was fitted incorrectly from the factory and my weather stripping on the roof came of multiple times within 4 months of the car being new. All of these issues were fixed by the dealer promptly no questions asked. Well, except for "what is it this time?"
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