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Front mount engine oil cooler

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Anyone put one on?


Trying to get ideas on mounting, I just started mocking up my Setrab 619 19 row and it looks pretty tight.


I am looking to mount it exposed to airflow.


The lower bumper opening is lower than bottom of the condenser and the rad. If I put the oil cooler in front of the condenser it will be half exposed/half behind the crash beam (unless I put it under the crash beam which I dont think is a good idea, having it exposed to fender benders).


That leaves up by the grill. I dont want to put it at the front passenger side because it will be in the way of air going to the engine air intake holes that feed the intake scoop. That leaves front driver side.


To get the most exposure I will have to have the fittings at the bottom of the cooler, which is not recommended. If I orient the cooler so the fittings are at the side, a lot of the cooler is again covered by the crash beam.


I tried looking at the build list but most people who have extra coolers have front mounted IC's so the usually have the coolers at the TMIC location.


EDIT: - It's on like donkey kong! See below.


Parts Used:

Cooler - 1x Setrab 50-619-7612 oil cooler, 19 row with 2x M22/10AN adapters

Takeoff plate - 1x Improved Racing EMV130 212f thermostat and 2x M22/AN10 adapters

Lines - 2x Mishimoto MMSBH-10-4 hose with fittings 10AN 4ft

Bracket hardware

1" flat bar

10mm x 1/2" bolts with nut and flat washers

Rubber sheet 10mm for isolation between bracket conbections

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Thanks for the pics Sarang!


We have the same size cooler it seems, at 19 rows.


Good point on the puller fans giving it air even behind all that stuff.


Thats one option I am looking at and I was concerned it would block airflow to the holes feeding the intake scoop above, but it looks like it wont be a problem.


I am also looking at Mishimoto's 08-up WRX mounting style. It positions the cooler at the bottom opening horizontally with brackets that move the cooler out and down under the crash beam so it is squarely in the opening.

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So far I am seeing two options at the moment, the Mishimoto 08-up WRX style:





Or the Perrin style like Sarang has done:




I am liking the Mishimoto as it really puts the cooler in the airflow and if I need to block off portions due to over cooling it will be possible with minimal effect to the condenser/rad airflow.

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So mine is the Mishimoto '06 WTX/STI kit.

I thought that when I looked into it, the 10+ mishimoto kit wouldn't fit well on our cars. It would sit in the very front of the lower bumper opening and might require cutting the bumper. Check out the install video on youtube, and then consider removing your front bumper to have a look... or at least poking around down there.

I believe it also bolts to the bottom of the frame there, so it's very forward and low mounted. I'm sure that's great for airflow, but it would get hit in a fender bender.

It would also occupy the same space that my FMIC does.


I considered that Perrin kit, but it just seemed really pricey for something that wasn't even made to bolt right on to my car. Like, I'd be paying that premium just to have to make it work.

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Sarang, we are pretty much on the same wavelength.


The practical side of me wants it near the condenser to keep it far away from fender benders...another part of me likes the Mishi 10+ for the functional bling.


The Perrin is good stuff but too rich for my blood even if it bolted on lol!

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Sarang, BTW, do you have before and after oil temps?


I am seeing 90-102c in day to day driving in tropical temps, this is on the EDM engine with no coolant/oil heat exchanger. I'm ok with that, no problem at all for synth oil and gets and moisture in oil evaporated.


I decided to put a cooler on because in enthusiastic driving I can get oil to 115c (239f), and probably more since I back off by then. I really only want the cooler working during these times which is why I got the highest thermostat I could find, a 100c/212f that only Improved Racing seems to offer.

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I don't have an oil temp sensor.


That said, my coolant temps are much more stable at around 185-195F. They do get above 200 on hot days, but I haven't seen hotter than 212F so far.


I'll really know if it helped by this summer. Highs of 115F in traffic are brutal on the cooling system.

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So we pulled the bumper and went for it!


Sarang, you're right, the Mishimoto 08+ WRX mounting wouldnt work. The bumper opening has plastic panels that act to direct air towards the condenser and rad area. You would need to cut these to fit a cooler there.


We ended up mounting it Perrin style at the passenger side with custom brackets.


Initial review is it is working quite well. On the average, engine oil temps (taken from a spacer plate between the oil cooler sandwich plate and engine block) are down at least 5c/10f across the board.

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