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BC coilovers on Outback Xt

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Hey all, I've been reading on this forum over the past year and change about how there are 74 ways to lower my 2009 OBXT and make it not feel so much like an S-10.


But I just learned that BC makes coilovers specifically for our outbacks. Has anyone out there purchased these and have any input? I understand simply lowering our cars can cause alignment issues and some other components need to be swapped. But at least these seem to be a simple solution especially where I live in New Hampshire and the idea of swapping over my stock wheels with snow tires and raising it back up to almost- stock height is desirable in the winter.



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Two sides to the story in my experience.

1. It's a cheap coilover and you'd be better setup going with a strut/spring upgrade for year-round use, or you can get a much better coilover for +$1500. I have had Koni/iON's since I've owned my wagon and it's awesome, although pretty stiff.


2. BC coils aren't a bad option for the money. I've ridden in a LGT with them and it was surprisingly pleasant. They have all kinds of dampening and height adjustability, and your stock setup should handle the alignment as long as you're keeping the drop reasonable.


With either option once you go low low you'll need more adjustability, in the rear especially is my understanding.

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mmh. IIRC, beefier front and rear endlinks including swaybars. And that's about it really. You may have to play with shock spacers if you do not like the stance. I currently have HDPE spacers front and rear. I believe 3/4" front and 1.5" rear. All of that stuff was already on the car when I purchased it 5 years ago.
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She's actually a bit dirty. Have not even waxed her for like 1.5 years :(. It surely helps that she is parked in a garage both at home and at work.

And I swear each time she gets washed, I get compliments on the road by fellow subaru owners, even though I have 'crappy rims', a few dings here and there and stuff like that. Had this happen three times this past month!

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