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3D Printer Access?

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My personal CAD license expired, so I'd have to convert the .dwg file at work and then bring it home, but it should be doable.


I currently have natural PLA, blue ABS, and a nylon/fiberglass composite. I may have some black ABS or PLA somewhere. The composite would take some reconfiguration of my printer, as it'll eat away the brass nozzle I currently have installed. No reason to print with it unless it's for structural parts, anyways.


Print volume is an 8 inch cube.

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Finished up a few things this weekend.

First 2 might be more of what you're looking for. Total size is 2"x4" (based on what I found on standard STi emblem dimensions), about .125" thick. Not sure how you're wanting to install on the car. My only concern with printing this one would be the "L" and the "T" are the only things holding in the entire center section, that "G" could easily break out. Awful might be able to chime in more on that, that's just speaking from my 3D printing experience (which is limited).


The other one is a 2-pc emblem. The lettering is the original I posted the other day and I designed the backing part to have a groove that follows the "LGT" lettering so that it can be printed out separately then glued in. Might be a better bet from a strength standpoint and if you wanted to paint the LGT and backing you could make them different colors like the STi emblems. Again, 2"x4", a little under .25" thick (with both pcs put together). Kinda hard to see but my computer doesn't really like inventor much anymore, it doesn't like me trying to change colors...guess the graphics card can't keep up.


Awful, depending on what finallegacy wants I can PM you all the files (they're .ipt and .STL), or if you just want them to play around with, let me know I can send to you.




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Awesome! I like the first one you posted in post #11 best since there's no border. I see that it's 2 pieces, but maybe you could add a few thin bridges between the "top" and "bottom" portion that would keep them aligned for gluing to the car and then could be carefully cut out using an exacto knife or something once it's in place. I think this one would be more compliant too, so it would make good contact with the body panel.


Either way, I think all of them would print OK and should come off the print bed without breaking at that thickness. Worst case I'd have to reprint one if I broke it, which doesn't really cost me much at all. Whoever wants one let me know, it's just a button press and a buck or two of filament.

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I designed / printed an LGT badge a few years ago and i still like it more than the few other designs I've seen floating around.

I'd be down for making a few for you if you're still looking for options.

I'm not against sharing the file if anybody wants to PM me.


Both attached images are of the same file, just slightly different views.

Crappy pic of it on my car: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDrnGGAmqj9/


Regardless of who you get a badge from:

I'd suggest black ABS for the background and red ABS for the raised letters.



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Sorry had to figure out how to upload. Sigh.


Wow these look awesome (Post 11). I would definitely be interested in either of these. I understand they come as two pieces... do you have the ability to connect them with a small bridge so its easier to paint and attach to the body?


Thanks so much for your guys feedback!

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Hey Final,

Haven't had a whole lot of time to go back and add those but I'll try to work on it this week. Shouldn't be too hard/take much time. Personally I really like StkmltS, that looks sharp! I'm also looking to design a 40 mm pod for an omori gauge I just bought for whoever is interested...

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So, i ordered inks he advised me to try and now i created a lot of cool stuffs, including dishes. But unfortunately, the printer shows that the cartridge is not installed and refuses to print. I used cartridges of different brands, but for some reason the hp printer does not see them. I don't know what the problem is. I tried a forced reboot, but even that didn't help. I noticed that most of the users of hp printers have this problem. Perhaps the company released some patch to fix this error? I ordered the original cartridges from my brother from mrdepot.ca and I hope this helps me. By the way, what can I do if I can't install the update? This is another problem I have recently encountered. Edited by LucasMay
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