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Manifold install help!!

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Tysparks87 and I are a bit stuck with the resinstall of his intake manifold, there are 2 solenoids in this picture, we are trying to figure out which is which. We are doing a new Perrin intake, and grimspeed ebcs. Any direction would help a ton! We have been using the big picture vacuum routing diagram with the coloured connections but we still aren't getting it exactly.fc0ea36fac36d3cb76e5f2877b5561b8.jpg


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I tried to do something in paint using the first picture in the link below and gave up.. It looks like your intake manifold is flipped when compared to that one in some ways, like the T is on the left coming out of the purge valve.


I'm not sure which colored diagram you tried using, maybe the second one in the link below you haven't seen?



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