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Looking for chrome side mirrors from the "sport" trim

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So I recently picked up a 2019 Legacy Limited, however I really like the look of the mirrors that come on the "Sport" trim. The dealer couldn't help me because he's only able to order parts based on my VIN. In other words he's only able to get me blue mirrors to match my blue car. Is there any way to get the original side mirror caps without somehow obtaining a VIN for a Sport trim Legacy?


As far as I can tell, Subaru.com provides the mirrors unpainted unless I provide a VIN.

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If you go to any dealer website and look at their new inventory, they list the VIN there. Just find a retailer with a sport in stock (Garcia Subaru North in albuquerque has one in stock - I am sure there are many, many others) - just go the dealer website, view new inventory, and look for a Legacy sport.
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Looking on a online dealer/parts website (subaruonlineparts) it looks like they come primed and have to be painted to match, so either finding a wrecked ISM colored car or a wrecked Sport or the vinyl are probably your cheapest options (or just order up the primed ones and paint them whatever color you want.) - I think ISM would look a lot nicer than the plain silver on the sport.
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