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‘08 3.0R Not Starting

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A couple days ago I was pulling out of my parking spot and after driving about 50 feet my car spuddered out like it was running out of gas. Electrical on the dash seemed fine. Tried to restart it and it would turn over and over but never fully start. Checked the spark plugs and since they were such a pain to get to I just replaced them all, they looked like they were getting close to being due for a replacement anyway. Still wouldn’t start. After trying a couple times the dash said “run mode change system check”

I found that this could be a number of electrical issues.

Other than that no computer codes are showing up.

The Fuel pump is priming, I can hear it and I disconnected the line under the hood and gas came out when I turned the key.

I took the alternator in and had it tested, came back fine.

I’m all out of ideas for where to go from here.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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