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Help- Ready 2 set my car on fire! (Wiring Issue???)

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First thank you! Giving my car to my only child who just got licence.


Background - I caused the problem,


started with a stock 05 OB 2.5 XT AT


Goal put in JDM HVAC and kick ass Aftermarket HU,new speakers/ under seat amp all new speakers/wires... a real ear ringer


Basically removed interior of car including door panels


Put everything back and HVAC and HU worked perfectly, BUT


I noticed I had issues, key at ACC and radiator fan was surging, and clicking sounds all over engine.


Started up and got Check engine/fast blink light, and 8 codes.


Read the forum (look for Green Cap wires and disconnect) found 1 I must have connected under passenger seat. The other under dimmer panel was taped with another pair but were disconnected.


So with the 1 green cap wire disconnected I tried again, got a slow check engine light and only 6 codes, same fan and clicking issues. (car still ran perfect)


So I tried to go back to square one and removed HU and HVAC. No improvement. I took the entire interior out and can't find the problem. I tried to lookup the error codes but they are very uncommon and likely a symptom of a wiring problem.


Also I have been trying the HVAC sticky for the last few days and I get(This page isn’t working legacygt.com is currently unable to handle this request.



I have literally put in 40 hrs and I am sick to my stomach. If you have no clue please forward to group/member who could help! I don't object to paying and will do so or make a donation to the site in money and or technology.... Hopefully this will help someone in the future! I need a fresh set of eyes and a break. Taking family out for dinner, hoping for some ideas when I get home later tonight...




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