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Red key symbol

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Hello lovely peeps!


I don't think this is a problem but it's something new for us. From what I have managed to read, this new flashing light is supposed to flash.


There has always been a little red dot flashing on the dashboard, but that has now been replaced by a key that is flashing red - in the same place/over the top of the dot.


I did put a new battery in the key (which has 2 buttons on it) but that doesn't seem to have done anything........I still have to unlock the doors manually.

Couple days later, had to do some welding for MOT so disconnected the battery (which keeps going flat after a couple of days [grrr]). After works complete,wired battery back up to find the little dot has turned into a key! The car starts and drives and I'm hoping that I have by mistake reset something?


Do i need to be concerned or is this symbol what should of been flashing from the start? I've owned the car 12 months - Legacy 2001, 2.0 to bh5



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