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2018 Legacy Limited fob and emergecy key do not work !! Scary experience

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I am a recent Subaru 2018 Owner(Used 2.5L Limited trim 25k kms on it . Location : Toronto). I was out on a stroll with my lil daughter and when I came back from shopping , my car would not recognize the fod. The fob had LED blinking but no response at all from the car. Terror actually struck me when the physical key did not open the door!!! My wife was around and she came with the spare fob only to find that it also did not work. the spare fob had an OEM remote engine starter and i tried to start the engine remotely . Headlights turned on and then I both my keys started working!!! It was pretty scary experience !! I would like to know if any of you Subaru owners experienced similar issue? I am going to the showroom tomorrow to have the manual key looked at .
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