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So, that all happened...

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Hey Guys. So. Last year, some jackass kid blew a stop sign and hit my right front corner.



Then several months later, just before my job shut down, my car was vibrating heavily at highway speeds.

I went and took it for a balancing. that didn't do much. then i tried an alignment. still nothing. figured the tires

might be in bad shape since accident, and while one had irregular wear on one side, it wasn't the problem.

so i tried different places to get another alignement and balancing and even had Sears Auto inspect the suspension.

They found nothing. so everyday for several weeks, i went outside, put the car on jackstands and tried looking for issues.

I thought, let me check the brakes. front right caliper had a sluggish guide pin.

went to Autozone, got a new one. didn't fit. tried again and they gave the right one this time.

still not the problem. so i'm told about Roadforce balancing because at that point, the vibration is severe after 70,

but came on early at almost any speed past 50 when turning the right lane or right bends on the highway. still nothing.

At this point i'm unemployed, with limited funds and checking the ball joints, control arms, struts, sway bar, tie rods,

put the car on 4 jackstands with a camera on small tripod to check axles on all 4 wheels.not a damn thing.

The car was still burning oil and after almost 50,000 miles nagging SOA, they decided to go ahead and drop a new

shortblock in. i decided to put in a new clutch while engine was out. Vibration thing, even dealer can't find it.

They gave me a 2019 Legacy loaner while they had my car, and then this happened before hitting 700 miles on the odometer.


Got my car back, I'm still trying to find vibration. found metal shavings all over left suspension. I panicked and called the

manager at dealer. they told me they had to grind a bolt off or something and that's likely where that came from.

they took the car to (halfassed) clean it out. I told a friend to put it on the lift at work and give it a final look before i

replaced the whole suspension. he also found nothing until he leaned on the front edge of the left front tire. It gave way. :spin::spin::spin::spin:

The front bushing of the lower control arm gave out. only way to find it was to push on only the front end of the front wheel.

I replaced both lower control arms, got new balancing and alignment and found there is a slight bend on 2 of the wheels. Not major, but :spin::spin:

So, Its was fun chasing that around. Winter was coming up and decided to take the roofrack off so its easier to clear the snow off it.......


You know what. F u c k i t.:spin::spin::spin::spin:

We went and my wife decided she wanted the Ascent 2 weeks ago for her car.

Right now i'm sitting on how the F... i get that shit off my paint.

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I feel really, really bad for you. I meant it. I've been dealing with some car issues the past week, and can relate to your situation.

- I brought my Legacy in for the pass airbag recall and the dealer hit the lift with my car.

- They gave me a 19 Crosstrek loaner with 900 miles on it, while they sent my car to the shop to respray the bumper

- 2 days later, Pulling into my driveway I get the TPMS light and find a 4" piece of steel debris ripped through the tire

- I take the car to a tire store to hopefully just patch it and they tell me the tire is destroyed and I need a new tire...

- When I go back to the dealer when my Legacy was done, the re-spray on the front bumper is a crappy job. Drips/runs, dirt in the paint, lots of imperfections.


But at the end of the day, the bumper looks much better than it did when I pulled in there, as it was sand blasted from almost 100,000 miles of driving.

And, the dealer didn't charge me for the tire on the loaner!


Your situation is worse certainly. Be thankful you have your health and family and the rest will work out.


As for that mark on your paint, start with light duty stuff like a Maguires step 1, paint cleaner. If that mark seems to be "under" the clear coat, maybe stop by a body shop and see what they recommend.

There may be a specific product or solvent that can remove this.

Maybe Acetone?


What happened to your loaner Legacy? Totaled?

How is that cost being handled?

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did it just mark the one spot, or are all 4 contact points marked? If the rack is going back on the car, that might be the best way to hide it... otherwise, cleaning it up now (if it doesn't come right off with a cleaner wax or maybe a fine polishing compound) will just mean it comes back next time the rack goes on.
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The loaner ended up being $9k in damages. Was repaired. I was stuck in the car and had to force my way out so the door took some damage too. My insurance handled it all. Dealer never came after my deductible even after i called multiple times to pay it. The paint thing is in all 4 corners where the feet of rack touch paint. Company that makes tank said its "only in the wax, clay bar it" which I've yet to do. Heading to an interview in 3 hours so not a priority. I have tried 2 Meguiars products and a scratch fix. Reduced but still there. We'll see.
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