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2009 Legacy power window issue

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I just bought this car with a bad engine in it. I fixed the engine and recently started driving it. One day on my way home from work some wiring fell out from under the dash and hit my feet. Upon closer investigation it turned out to be related to an aftermarket remote start system someone had installed in the car. The previous owner mentioned it to me but admitted he lost the fob for it.


Anyway, I decided to remove it. It was plug n play so it was easy. Circled in red in this picture are two connectors that when disconnected from the body side harness just left those two connectors hanging with nowhere obvious to plug back into.




After this shit was removed none of my power windows worked. Was there a module on the car originally that these two connectors plugged into that was maybe discarded when this remote start garbage was added on?


Here’s a pic of the two connectors that were abandoned under the dash after I removed all this stuff. Everything else on the car still works fine.



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I didn't see any obvious places.. If you can tell me the wire colors, or post a picture of the wire colors going to the connector I can look again or check the factory service manual




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Here’s the big plug, has 18 wires in it.




Here’s the small one, just two wires. One black and one green with a red stripe.




Not the greatest pic. I checked the power on the window relay fuse, it gets power when ign is on. However I do not know where the pwr window relay is. The sunroof still works fine. The backlight on the window switch panel is not working either.

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Well, I would agree it probably was not Subaru, but some remote starts access things like windows and alarm, so you can start the car without setting off the alarm or allowing the windows to work until you put the key in and turn it to the run position.
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So, I'm thinking that my MT legacy doesn't have those two connectors.


I think the larger plug is for the remote start system, some of the wiring colors seem to match up, but I'm still learning how to read these wiring diagrams.


I think the smaller plug is what the factory service manual calls a "short connector" in the power window diagram. The power window diagram makes me think that connector is only in AT models, but I'm not sure.


The manual gives a vague location for where the smaller connector should plug into. I just went outside and checked my car again, and didn't see anything like that anywhere. My guess would be behind the fuses and relays somewhere, but not sure.


*Oh, B182 that I think the small plug goes to should have the same color connector, both kind of clear.




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uploaded the wrong image for picture #1 the first time
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Apexi - you have been a tremendous help. I believe you are correct about the short connector - B182. I'm betting there was a shunt installed on it that was removed and discarded when the remote start system was installed. Without those two wires shorted together the power window relay coil doesn't get a ground. This explains why all 4 windows quit working. I'm going to go short these two wires together and see what happens. Cross your fingers!
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Success! That fixed it - the black and green wires on the short connector have to be connected in order for the power window relay coil to get a ground. Soon as I shorted it out the relay picked up and the windows resumed normal operation. Can't thank you enough for finding those wiring diagrams for me. I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything other than what was in the owner's manual - which is basically useless. Fantastic!
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