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Outback Suspension on Legacy Sedan

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To make a long story short. I have 18-inch wheels that are slightly too wide for my legacy. Using camber bolts in combination with spacers I have eliminated any rubbing issues and have been very happy with it all around.


I recently installed some new lower control arms on the front and while doing so discovered that my front right shock is leaking fluid. This has rapidly deteriorated into my car clunking on every bump which is starting to drive me crazy.


I would like to replace all 4 corners with a set of nice adjustable coil overs. The concern I have here is if I buy coil overs I want to make them very slightly higher then stock to accommodate my large wheels while also eliminating the spacers. However, All of the coil overs I can find for my car adjust from stock height and lower rather than allowing to raise the vehicle.


So to get to the meat and potatoes of my post.

I know that Outbacks have a higher ride height than the legacy. I have seen in the past where people have used the outback suspension to raise their legacies.


Is this a feasible thing for me to do with my car? My chief concern here is that the Outback's wagon rear end weighs more than the rear end on a sedan.


If we were talking about stock suspension I fully understand that there would be an issue here with the spring rates being different between the two models. However, I'm unsure if this concern carries over to aftermarket suspension.


Is this going to be an issue with the spring rate?

Will the adjustability of the coil overs allow me to overcome this concern?


I want to thank you guys in advance for any input! I have tried to search this on both the website and google and I can't really seem to come up with any search terms that net me anything.

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For any legacy the difference between the rear end on the sedan and wagon is there to prevent sag on the wagon models. If you put wagon rear suspension on a sedan then the rear would sit higher. It might not be super noticeable and you could probably fix it with a spacer on the front.
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So presumably then I could use outback suspension and adjust the coil overs to any ride height I'd like?


There will also be the added bonus of adjustable dampening so I can make sure there rear is not a stiffer ride then the front.

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So yes, Outback bolts right on.


1. Outbacks are like 4 inches higher. Is that the look you are going for?

2. A couple companies make outback coilovers (Maybe Megan and BCBR) I think they have a longer strut body so you adjust closer to outback height. Your maximum low is limited though.

3. You can just throw tophat spacers on top of Legacy coilovers / shocks to get the height you want.

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