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Need help with OBD II Reader not Linking to ECU


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Need help with Linking errors when trying to read the ECU using a OBDII Reader (Actron CP9135), anyone run across anything similar? I did some searching on google/nasioc and a lot of people reported loose connections, please see below, might not be my case.


I need to get the car smogged in CA but it's not linking to the ECU.


However, I was able to install and uninstall AP a couple of times without any problems through the same port. I've tried reading using the code reader with and without AP installed. Any ideas? I looked at the connections and it doesn't seem like there is anything too loose. AP recognizes the ECU as an LGT. Any thoughts/help appreciated. Thanks!


I checked all the possible fuses in cabin and in engine bay, and they are fine.



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