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P0448 fix /location

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Can't seem to find anything on this issue .....has anyone got the p0448 code i can't figure out what is causing this to come up.....any info would be greatly appreciated. ....i always seem to buy the cars with unique issues ...05 legacy Gt sedan
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It's a vent control valve issue. The evap canister is located in the LR wheel well. I dont have access to the test procedure right now so I can't be much help that way but I've seen the valves go bad before. Without a scan tool to activate solenoids while monitoring fuel tank pressure or a smoke machine it's hard to say for sure. If you want to fire up the parts cannon, I'd replace the vent solenoid on the evap canister.


I'd have to see the connector, but if it's a 2 wire and you have a bi-directional scan tool, using a small light bulb (921), bend the metal tabs so they fit into the connector and activate the circuit with the scan tool. If the bulb lights up each time you energize the valve, then you know the wiring is good.

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Thank you man gonna check that out as soon as i can....also i was told it could be accessed from the back seat under a black cover ...is this true ? By chance do you happen to know the part number. ..just so im not sold the wrong part again...thanks in advance
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