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05-09 Legacy 2.5i Front Catalytic Converter

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Hello, has anyone ever taken a picture(s) of this Catalytic Converter before, during or after the install?

Where they any issues with it?




The same question goes for this one.




I spoke with Magnaflow Tech Dept. today 3/20/2019 and supposably they are going to the single tube like in the image on this link from now on.


It's weird, they told me that they went to this design (single tube) because of leaks in the manufacturing with the (Twin Tube design like Subaru does) about 4 months ago.


Now they said they are going to make all they replacement from now on look like the single tube design.

I asked the Magnaflow Technical Dept today will this cause cylinder flow issues being two cylinder into one tube to the converter? They say no, but I'm not sure. Subaru has some good engineers.


They also said that they are NOT going to be producing the twin tube design after these 29 that they have in stock are gone.

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Single Cat like in the first link will work absolutely fine and if they tell you they are having leaks on the older design, then trust their judgement. They definitely do not want to have warranty issues, so I would go with his advice.
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