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2002 LGT 4EAT replacement, used trans checklist ??

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Long story short this is the 2nd used transmission I'm swapping in this car, 1st used one I put it lasted about a week. I really need and want to make this car last; super clean interior, 120k, just spent a bunch of time and money on the engine (mainly the heads).


Couple concerns I have:


1. Oil pan is dented on the trans pan. I can swap over a good pan or just pound it out a little but I've read about cracked solenoids from a dented pan? How would I test to make sure all solenoids are 100%? Would it be possible to interchange solenoids with my other 2 spares I now have? This is my biggest concern before install because I have very limited knowledge of autos


2. Converter? I've worked on dozens of manual trans but am very unfamiliar with autos. Do I need to do anything with the converter before install or just bolt and go?


3. The trans filter is smashed so I'll need a new factory replacement. Will dealerships carry these?


Can't think of anything else off the top of my head. Just received this used trans yesterday, supposedly around 120k mile trans. Just wanted to get my thoughts written out and plan everything before I dive in and get some more knowledgeable advice from more experienced folk. Any advice is helpful, thanks in advance!



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Well the there should be new solenoids on your new used trans, so just use the good pan?


Fill it with about 1qt of trans fluid and lube the hub and seals with trans fluid


ebay or rockauto should have them.

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