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Electronics and 2009 H-6 Outback DVD navigation


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Apologies for cross-posting, but this one may be hard to find answers to!


I have a 2009 Outback H-6 that got some significant water from the sunroof on the floor (an inch or so). That has killed the DVD that reads the navigation DVDs and am missing quite a bit of the data normally on the Navigation panel. I was going to replace the whole DVD-based system with an aftermarket radio/nav unit in the dash and scrap the outmoded DVD stuff altogether. BUT when I checked Crutchfield for the needed new stuff both their Internet app and a live person said "replacing the radio in that car is not recommended." ???? Does anyone know of source for a dual DIN setup that WILL work with my car? Preferably someone who has actually done this? All help gratefully acknowledged!

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