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06 LGT All cylinder misfire

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My 2006 Subaru legacy GT started with a cylinder 2 misfire. I replaced the spark plug, it solved the problem but resulted in lean code. After a few days i had a rough idle and hesitation. Followed by misfire codes for all cylinders I replaced the coils and that resolved the issue for about a week then i received codes for a misfire on cylinder 1,2,3,and 4. Also very rough idle and hesitation again. Compression is good. Any ideas for what to check next?
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Some questions to help troubleshoot.


1. How many miles on the engine?

2. What's the age of the:

a) spark plugs

b) coils (new)

c) injectors

d) fuel pump

3. Any mods or still stock?

4. Geographic location?

5. Any other recent work done other than what you just mentioned?


As relative says, being able to pull learning values from something like Btssm or a Cobb AP would definitely help.

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Have you checked the 'blue T' underneath the intercooler? Vacuum hoses are notorious to pop there if not ziptied. It happened to me a long time ago, and got misfires on all cylinders just like you. Might not be that, but does not hurt to check, while you wait for your BtSsm dongle ;).
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