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Fuel System Questions for 16g/18g upgrade, maybe E85?

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I posted this in the walkthrough thread of fuel pump replacement, but I don't think it's being read much.


I just picked up a spec B and want to confirm a few things. I am considering two routes currently:


FIRST, E85. It looks like if I want to go to a bigger pump to support E85 on a 16g with 1050x ID injectors (probably AEM 320/340 E85 pump or DW300c), and possibly the Cobb Flex Fuel kit, what is the best way to accomplish this considering the inadequate fuel pump wiring?


The DW pump wire kit, it directly wires to the battery, I don't need to connect it to any wiring in the car right? So it will be a independent of the car's wiring and the pump will just be on 100% duty at all times, is that correct?


SECOND option, don't bother with E85 and then go with 16g and DW65c pump and some 750cc top feed injectors (or should I just go with 1050x anyway), and I don't have to worry about the pump wiring?


Thanks in advance!

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All personal preference, but I personally wouldn't bother with E85 for a 16g. 1050's are a fantastic injector and give you plenty of room. I have the DW65c pump, 1050 injectors and a 16g in my obxt and it's an absolute blast to drive.
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