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Hello all,


Just wanted to condense some of my threads into here


1) P0021- issued solved by replacing the OCV back to original.

2) Freshly tuned by EDO Performance in Socal- Edwin is a great kind guy. They did a road tune and put in a tomei electronic boost controller. Feels a lot smoother through the gears

3) Put in fresh led's in everything but headlights, giving it that super clean look. Also put in the LED flasher to get rid of that annoying hyperflashing

4) SPT intake installed, helping the engine breath better. Noticed a little better response, and LOVE the new noise

5) New slotted brakes all around

6) New rear hub assembly


However to fix:


1) Valve covers (yes both :( sadly)

2) Oil pan gasket

3) Timing cover is leaking? (I think the banjo bolt filter is really clogged, everyone says the timing cover rarely leaks)

4) Fix and paint front bumper and left rear quarter panel

5) Power steering pump is leaking, new one is on the way


Mods to come:

1) Coilovers

2) Wheels and tires

3) Sway bars

4) Walbro fuel pump


Overall car is running good right now. No weird idling issues. Running about 15.5-16psi. Need to buy a gauge to see how much PSI.

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Good deal bud. Glad to hear you got things headed in the right direction. Good luck on the oil leaks. Cumbersome to fix but a big relief once gone.


Thank you and I agree! I think oil pan & ps pump my friend and I can do. Valve covers-- shop will have to do.

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I had a leak coming out of my timing belt cover. Ended up being my front crank seal.


Mechanic said it could just be fluid build up hard to tell.


Also did you confirm the pump was leaking internally and not from the o-ring or the two hoses? I cracked the plastic fitting on mine somehow and JB welded it together and so far no more leaks after 10k miles


The pump makes noises, does need to be replaced. I put in a new o-ring just over a month ago.

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