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Has anyone needed to use the PZEV emissions warranty?

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My wife just got the dreaded p0420 code on her 2011 legacy premium 2.5 NA. My wife went to the dealer and they tell her "bad cat" after I ran the code and told her the same thing for free. Anyway, after reading pretty much every thread on this site and the subaru outback forum, I looked for exhaust leaks and tried a few of the tricks to include changing the 2 sensors and the code remains.


If you used this warranty, was it a simple process of the car failing at the dealership or was it a giant PITA? The car has 104k so plenty of buffer to 150k. The dealer wanted 2500 to change out the cat here in VA so I have no problem registering the car at my cabin in NY if to get this fixed under warranty.

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Most warranty work will depend on the dealer and the history of the vehicle. I am sure someone has used it, but I can't recall any feedback from this forum. Best thing to do is get in the warranty booklet and find the information you need. I believe emissions components is 8yrs or some mileage, so be sure it isn't past the timeline or mileage for warranty coverage.
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