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1998 Legacy GT- coolant replacement FAIL

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I set out to replace the coolant in our '98 GT today. I drained the system, filled back up with distilled water, repeated and then filled with concentrated coolant. I was having more trouble than with my other 2nd gen Legacy's in bleeding the air out of the system (my '98 wagon with an EJ22 usually also takes some effort to bleed the system as well).. Raced the motor a few times, opened the valve on the top of the radiator to burp the system, etc... Finally got good heat from it and the temp went from slightly above normal back to normal.


Thought all was good until the temp went back up and the heat went cool again.*Added more coolant and repeated the steps to rid the air from the system. I never had one that gave me this much trouble. When I shut it off, I then heard the sound of fluid pouring out on the ground and saw lots of coolant coming from the front of the engine.


Soooo, I'm guessing there was enough pressure buildup in the cooling system to cause the water pump to blow a seal? Any other thoughts?


I'm assuming the worst that it needs a new water pump, at this point.


Ive uploaded a video of the leak:


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